‘Chicago is called the crime capitol of the United States with terrorist walking the city streets daily

Honorable Mayor Rahm Emanuel: Chicago was once known as a “Great” and respectable city; citizens want to know what your plans are for restoration!
By Rev. Harold E. Bailey
President of Probation Challenge/PCC Broadcast Network
CHICAGO, IL – With over 507-plus (with all not yet reported) killings in the Chicago area, the once beautiful city by the lakefront, is now said to be the worst undeclared war-zone in the world! More youth are killed here in Chicago than in any declared wars overseas
As in war-zones abroad, citizens daily are imprisoned as seniors peer through their curtains to dodge a bullet! Daily shootings, murder, drugs and violence has become the natural order of things in mostly all city wards, however highly concentrated in African-American neighborhoods. With political indictments pending, political fighting in Springfield and in City Hall, the taxpayer seems to be without a ghost-of-a chance making it safely home in the evening!
It has become a blatant shame that taxpayers are afraid to leave their homes, while many churches – white and black have called-off Sunday evening services. Mid-week prayer services are all but a thing of the past! In the mist of this, I ask the question, where is the clergy with their demands regarding better protection and services to the citizens of this city?!
City Hall and the 5th floor seems rather quiet these days! What has been forgotten is, the mayor of Chicago was ‘hired’ to render a positive job in the enhancement of protecting the city on all fronts! And citizens have forgotten that employees can be fired!
The big question that many aldermanic politicians seem afraid to ask is what’s the mayor elected (hired) to do other than make good press appearances? The critical question remains: What is being constructively done in making safe the streets of this city? This is the public’s silent outcry! Prevention in this matter is most important, because I do believe that solutions should and could be implemented before the public is no longer silent – then Mr. Mayor, you will have a massive problem on your hands.
Murder and violence continue daily and is now rampant in the city suburbs. Both the city and its suburbs have numerous arrests which have caused citizens to have little or no hope at all. In the past, some fled to the suburbs to flee from the crime scene – but are not doing so any longer.
Now, in addition, it appears that the city is falling apart with some of its politicians setting rude examples for our youth to follow.
Youth deal in deliberate acts of murder, crime and drugs, as some political adults also commit deliberate acts of corruption while raping the community of their reserved resources and offer no apology!
Mayor Rahm Emanuel is at the helm of this great city of Chicago. His priority should be to bring about working solutions to all critical matters concerning the people who pay his salary
The people of Chicago deserve far better attention in the area of police protection and especially for our elder citizens who travel mostly alone and are afraid to go into a currency exchange for fear of being robbed by the crowd that stands at the door. Seniors have a right to shop, travel, or go just about wherever they please without having to look over their shoulders at an intimidating eye staring at them.
If John and Jane Doe can see the presence of gangbangers blocking the doors of businesses in this city, aren’t the trained eyes of those who are paid expected to note and prevent criminal behavior before it happens?
It is suggested that persons who could be careless and sitting in those comfortable seats of authority, remove themselves for persons whose hearts and souls are filled with love for the people of the city. And this is from the top to the bottom!
Rev. Harold E. Bailey, President of The Probation Challenge and PCC Internet Broadcast Network. Radio/Television/Challenge Magazine can be read on-line 24/7 at: WWW.ProbationChallenge.org – The Truth Network.
Rev. Bailey can be reached for speaking engagements at: WWW.mrheb@aol.com
A Weekly Column to CopyLine Magazine.

Let truth speak to the hearts of gangbangers: You’ve been played!

By Rev. Harold E. Bailey
Weekly Column to CopyLine Magazine
Spare me a moment to speak to the hearts of young men and women who have decided to become gangbangers. Yes, those who have been caught in the clutches of violence, crime and drugs.

Please don’t start your listening to me with, “here comes this old man who doesn’t have a clue as to what’s happening!” Well, strange as it may seem, I do have a clue; but I don’t think you do!

Perhaps before many of you were born, I served 14-years as a Chicago/Cook County Adult Probation Officer. In this position I serviced more than a few hundred probationers who had backgrounds from misdemeanors to felonies. Yes, I saw many of you present gangbangers coming down the corridors of time and as the Lord knew… a great majority would fall to my lot in the Probation Challenge program, which has saved thousands of lives.

After serving as a probation officer for a few years, I was assigned to the courtroom of the late Justice R. Eugene Pincham, who expressed a desire that I become his personal probation officer, and that I develop a mythology that would change the mind-set of those probationers that filtered through his courtroom. After fasting and prayer, God gave me the program’s vision and it would be called Probation Challenge. This program became the first court-mandated program of its kind in the United States. Probation Challenge educationally spared the lives of not hundreds but thousands of students – men and women. No one was angry with me…but the devil! It was simply – School or Jail!

I would later become a member and chairman of the Chicago/Cook County Board of Corrections, where I served for 14-years. It was there that I discovered a few things, and was hated because I sought to constructively change the few things that I knew were wrong! I brought forth a lawsuit regarding one infamous matter and won with the late Justice R. Eugene Pincham as my attorney. This particular lawsuit regarding illegal in departmental matters didn’t put me in line with the powers-that-be. This and other related matters caused me to have special police attention 24/7. Fighting evil cost me the board position, but my work there was completed – I had obeyed the voice of God. Yep, I know you and the likes of you – I fought that you would have justice – rather than Just Us?

What did I know that are not often spoken? I knew there were numerous traps set for our youth who filtered through the Criminal Just Us System. I allowed the public to know my position which was often published in the local news. But, I was often warned that: We are all in this together! My response then was as it is today – I am in nothing with anyone other than Christ, who is my hope of glory! The entire story along this journey takes much time…and here is not the place. However, before you were born, the system predicted that someone looking like you would cross the portals of that Criminal Just Us System. And, they knew that you would help to create a multi-billion-dollar industry loaded with jobs that would not necessarily be for African-Americans. Jobs would be for the Downstate folk.

Know your history: With few black and Hispanic correctional jobs in the Chicago area, most prisons were created for Downstate Illinois. You helped to create jobs for everybody not looking like you! Do I know you?

Yes, I know about you and know about your resistance to being told anything – even from your parents – mostly that of the mother!  Yep, and I know that the first person called upon after your entanglement with the law would be your mother… who you most times disrespected! The woman you’re putting through a living hell! Do I know you – Yes I do!

Instead of being the pimp you said you were, the justice system now pimps you! However, you need to know that the justice system would fall to its knees if African-Americans and Hispanics didn’t fall for the enticing overtures of crime, violence and drugs! Ah, but many of you and your wise gangbanging members fall daily to the traps set by committing acts on the community, which legally disconnects you from the educational process and enables you to legally enter the university of crime – prison! You said this would never happen to you!  Even today, the criminal just us system hopes that you never get the true picture of your being used to fill their bank accounts. The honest question is — did you learn a lesson, and how will it benefit you, your family and the community at large?

Well, now you should at least know! From the ground up, Illinois state prisons were built in downstate communities where as you drive through, you are most times unwelcomed but to get gas and leave! It’s difficult to believe that many of these towns are run by members of the KKK. In-fact the only time you are welcome there is when you arrive on a Chicago/Cook County Jail bus transporting you to the prison to provide meat and potatoes on other folks table!

Most of these downstate prison communities were at times financially strapped and going under – until persons like you came along! Do I know you – yes, I’m afraid I do?!

Your being an unwilling participant in this saga, provides jobs and positions of power for those persons living in the mostly white towns. In addition you might want to know that past history has it that many prison employees hired were KKK’s? Question being: Who got over on whom?!

The truth is, if the Departments of Corrections didn’t have inmates such as you, they wouldn’t have a system at all because judges, clerks, sheriff, probation officers, court reporters and other vendors wouldn’t have a job! This is a multi-billion-dollar industry, and everybody gets money out of the deal – but you! I might ask this question in love – who’s the dummy?

African-Americans often unknowingly feed into the hands of the enemy by playing out the script that was written for them long years ago – as persons looked down the corridors of time searching for a commodity! The chosen commodity would be by-large African-Americans and Hispanics. Years ago, there were only a small number of Whites who could not by circumstances help themselves. The chosen-slaves were predicated on a group of persons (at that time) not noting that a game was being whipped on them. The game is still the same – just the players now have changed!

Killings in the African-American and Hispanic communities are out-of-hand as the leaders of the city, county and state, blames everyone but themselves! Do you think it’s strange that the powers-that-be can find a needle in a hay-stake, but can’t find you until they need to broaden the count of inmates? They know every move you make, even those drug transactions made right under the guides of cameras on the corners. But you thought they didn’t see you … no, not until an indictment came down! I have reason to believe that you have been played – rather than your being the player! The last laugh is not on the justice system, but on you and your peers as you awaken on that transportation bus – on that long ride to the state prison.

Is it too late for you to change? Absolutely Not!  Stop right now and ask God to forgive you for all of your sins committed. Promise to never, ever commit another sin against man or woman – nor against the laws of God!  Repentance washes away the stain and cleanses the soul. The past is thrown into the sea of forgetfulness…never to rise against.

Put down the violence which was placed with you by the deviate hands of Satan, who comes only but to rob – steal – and he will destroy! Get rid of that gun, drugs, and other tools of destruction that were placed at your finger-tips on purpose! Then pick up the tools of education which provides a map out of this insaneness and into life’s abundance. God’s plan of salvation was designed with you in mind before the foundation of the world.

You my little African-American brothers and sisters should live and not die and especially not in the many waiting rooms to hell which are prisons and jail cells.

Listen my Black sons and daughters: Remember your historical background. You are sons and daughters of mighty kings and queens who built the mighty African pyramids without nails nor bricks! You must remember that your background dictates that you go far beyond the reach of the human eyes. The deceiver Satan has come to rob – steal – and destroy all that God has richly implanted in your DNA. Yes, your DNA, and you are now living beneath your privilege!

Young men and women: Turn away from all your evil ways, for most were taught mentally by slave-masters to turn you against one another. The evil intent was and is to kill those who strive to get ahead – and away from the gang slave-activities!

God fearing parents: Go retrieve the youth that were stolen from the village and taken into captivity by modern day slave masters.

It is important to know that all slave masters are not White! Many black slave-traitors have now taken on the mentality of years past, but only for an exchange of ignorance!

Cheat the devil! Put that weapon of destruction down and go back to school! Education brings about awareness. Awareness brings on the ability to think. And when you can think, you can prayerfully make rational decisions.

Rev. Harold E. Bailey, president/Probation Challenge PCC Internet Broadcast Network.

Bailey: 14-years as Cook County Adult Probation Officer. 14-years as a past member and chairman of the Cook County Department of Corrections. 33-years as president of Probation Challenge. Listed with: TheHistoryMakers.com – Weekly column for The Copyline Magazine and Editor of The Challenge Magazine: http://www.probationchallenge.org/  The Truth Network.

Blatant racism in new clothing

‘Some Spit in our faces and tell us it is raining’
By Rev. Harold E. Bailey

Don’t you just hate it when people spit in your face and tell you that it is raining? Well, disrespect for a deprived body of people has resurfaced from coast-to-coast in these not so United States of America, as covert racists have created new ways in presenting old ways of doing things!

From the nation’s capitol to some state houses, there are back-wood governors and legislators who are biased in the proper distribution of United States entitlements. It also appears that these non-thinkers grant political favors to their cronies as wine flows from their table of plenty! It is disturbing that hard working citizens who constitute the large-majority of Americans, receive mere scraps from that table of plenty! It is fairly noted that these unfair people are political party rebels who often spit in the faces of tax payers!

I might add that small-minded political pundits fail to realize that taxpayers (voters) can hire and fire any politician – at any given time!

How are we expecting our youth to have a positive day-to-day prospective on their lives as they emulate what they hear and see coming from Washington? Are politicians and community leaders expecting our children to follow their precepts or is it that mean-spirit of … don’t do as I do, but do as I say?

Problems on many fronts with political and community leaders could be remedied with a good dose of education!

Education is important, and the absence of African-American history in our schools leaves a void of understanding among many of our 21st Century black youth.  And the result of youth not learning about their heritage is … old tricks are played in new clothing as nobody gains but the penal system.

As youth lack knowledge regarding their foreparents struggles, they have consequently missed  learning about the  inner-sufferings they encountered in opening educational doors  – on many levels!

Strange as it seems, the concerted effort to deprive youth of an education is self-serving to some folk, simply because to do so would benefit them politically, socially and otherwise. This much change! This racist mythology has been covered far too long!  I care less what classroom you’re instructing our children … nothing from nothing leaves absolutely nothing! Now, don’t spit in my face and say this is not true!

Many youth and elders don’t honestly know historical facts, and it appears that those sitting in political authority choose to have it that way… especially with their priorities on everything but mandating that students are taught Black and Hispanic History! If the community knew where they’ve come from, perhaps it would give them a far better perspective on their future.

The lack of education and the presence of the justice system cause youth to say they don’t have a chance in life, and many don’t expect to live beyond 30 to 40-years of age.

A possible solution: It is my understanding that an educational avenue was paved to bring about a difference in the state of Illinois in 1991, as the late Senator William ‘Bill’ Shaw, created and passed a bill requiring that the Chicago School Board implement Black History to our children. The question now is. why has this not been Implemented after these many years? Ah, but you hear all kinds of excuses – but not the right one! Yet, the school board continues to spit in taxpayers’ faces and continue to tell us – it is just raining! It really appears to be a concerted effort, as students drop out of the educational process and continue their journey through the court system, jail and prison. This could and should be prevented! I seriously suggest we mandate black history – and do it now!

In Chicago, the We Can organization appeared on the PCC Internet Broadcast Network with Chinta Strausberg, host of The Strausberg Report, and exposed the lack of concern by the Chicago Board of Education to retrain students with Black History. That broadcast can be viewed at: WWW.ProbationChallenge.org. Guest on ‘The Strausberg Report’ was Florence Cox, President of We Can. The We Can organization has taken up the educational charge to bring about constructive change in Illinois. This group of talented professionals is to have the legislative education law implemented immediately…throughout the entire state of Illinois.

We must reeducate our youth on all fronts with truth. The attitude of some youth may surprise you! If you tell them that they ‘got over’ on a person, it serves them well! But, if you tell them that someone got over on them – they spew vomit! Tell them the truth! Let them get upset! Tell them how in this 21st Century people got over on them and are yet playing old games but in new clothing! Bet they get angry and do a quick reverse! Truth is powerful, and God’s truth continues to march on!

It would also be wise, if when we are reeducating our children… we crack the covers of that Bible and instruct youth as to those things that have been prescribed by God. If read the scriptures in love, the words just may reach the hearts of not only youth but also our many elders.

Over-and-over again, after 33-years of training youth, I continue to say: Education brings about an awareness. Awareness brings on the ability to think. And, when a man or woman can think, prayerfully they can make rational decisions.

A note to the wise politician: In place of being at war with one-another over divisive matters that are petty, shouldn’t you consider the lives of all U.S. citizens, and especially our youth and elders? Doing so just might give all Americans a chance to experience a quality life!

Word to the wise: In place of more jails and prisons, why can’t society as a whole invest in the educational process on the front end. For if we educated well, we wouldn’t have to incarcerate! Education is far least expensive than prisons! Or, are people shucking and jiving about wanting to really save the lives of our precious Black and Hispanic youth?

With a quality education, youth are better able to decide politically which candidate is talking out of both-sides of the mouth.

How long can we afford to have the power-that-be continually spit in our faces and tell us it is raining?

Reprint from: CopyLineMagazine.com


Rev. Harold E. Bailey: 33-years as president Probation Challenge, Inc. and the PCC Internet Broadcast Network: WWW.ProbationChallenge.org – The Truth Network

Rev. Harold E. Bailey is listed with: The History Makers

14-years as president of the Chicago/Cook County Board of Corrections.

14-years as Chicago/Cook County Adult Probation Officer

Chicago: Where are the honest black political voices?

by Harold E. Bailey on Wednesday, December 5, 2012 at 12:45pm ·

Chicago: Where are the honest black political voices?

baileyThe African-American community has regrettably lost many brilliant out-spoken leaders who said what they meant – and meant what they said!

 By Rev. Harold E. Bailey

WEEKLY COLUMN – CopylineMagazine.com

The galvanizing voices of such great African-American leaders such as the late Congressman William Dawson, Justice R. Eugene Pincham, Mayor Harold Washington, President John Stroger, John Sengstacke, Lu Palmer, Vernon Jarrett, Congressman Ralph Metcalfe, Neal A. Bratcher, Sr., Dr. Margaret Burroughs, Marion Williams, Alderwoman Anna Langford, and so many others have been called into eternity. These brilliant-minded people spoke back and with truth to power! As you perhaps might already know, many of these dedicated hard-hitters gave all that they had – as some died of broken hearts!

While some present warriors continue to lift their voices in honesty, their lights appear to be dimmed by in-house internal-political-fractions. Much of these political fractions and power-grabs are attributed to greed, power and for the love of money! Now, this is not to say that all Blacks seeking higher offices or any office is seeking funds for their own bank-accounts! However, it has been established that in the past (before the changes of the law) some candidates would run for office knowing they could not and would not win; but afterwards, many ran all the way to the bank with the community’s contributed dollars.

The community should remember those political persons sitting in authority who promise liberation, but in return, often gave back a good dose of disappointments coupled with a bunch of untruths!

In earlier political years a fraction of power was brought about by the downtown voices-of-deceit who came to rob, steal and destroy and they did it quite well! They gave crumbs to Blacks and rewarded them with low paying jobs. The paybacks for jobs were for Blacks to give them a percentage of their paychecks. These deceitful voices and faces have perhaps changed, but their theories of thought remain the same… get all you can while you can! It now appears that many Black politicians have taken on the mindset of the over-seers (masters) who governed the slaves.

I think the tax payers forget that he/she is the politicians’ employer and that employees can be fired.

Are we living in an era where we now call the right – wrong …  and the wrong right? And if so, the scriptures says we are living in the last days.

Can you remember those loud persons above the crowd who promised everything – but gave little or nothing in return? Note that this mythology now extends to this day and to the nation’s capitol and sits among our United States Congress. I would advise that the community watch with a jaundice eye those persons vying to occupy available seats in Congress, perhaps seeking an opportunity to take us back 100-plus years.

In my humble opinion and with an apolitical view, I suggest that present leaders in addition to want-to-be politicians who honestly want to fight for a struggling people, focus in-on African American political history, thusly realizing that you may now be at the brink of blood-baths that has historically caused strife and bitterness in this city! This may serve only to divide and conquer! You cannot erase the historical evils that were put into place by the powers-that-be at that time and will be long remembered by our children’s children. But you can play the hand of being wise as a serpent yet harmless as a dove!

Black political history just ought to instruct us that Blacks not travel the old path of being misled again. And, speaking of misleading, may I quickly ask an important question… why is African-American Education not implemented in the Chicago School System as set-forth via the law in the 90’s? What is the hold-up? Point being, if Blacks don’t know where we’ve been how then can we get a perspective on today or the many tomorrows. Or quite honestly, is this the plan?

African American political candidates please stop fighting for political entrapments that lay in wait for your very demise! Rather, fight with your knowledge and money…in the community for those things in plain view such as criminal justice, education, poverty and the lack of food among our elders, and just so many other important day-to-day matters!

Note: I speak to those who are vying for politics on their own and not to those who under the guides of God seek to battle the divisiveness of the enemy. Because if God does not build the house the laborer builds in vain. I hasten to point out that if you are on your own politically and not holding on to the word of God the enemy will give you a dose of medicine where you may not have an immediate cure for. Stay in your calling!

Years ago, I recall that there was a sincere mindset by the large majority of political candidates to give of themselves to those less able to fend for themselves … but today, some are helping themselves and, of course, filling their own coffers. The public goes along with what’s happening and simply living off a thing called hope. Christ is the hope of Glory and He sends the ministers to protect and warn the people. The scripture says: The people will perish for the lack of knowledge… but not on my watch!

The true ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ have been put on alert to stand on the wall and warn the people. And, the scripture says: Danger to the shepherd who allows the sheep to be scattered.

I would sincerely suggest to those political candidates praying for the favor of God and have love and mercy for the people of God, to first seek ye the kingdom of God and His righteousness – all other things will be added unto you! Candidates just ought to make sure their calling to serve has been sanctioned and ordained of God!

All candidates and sitting politicians are presently faced with a new face on the enemy, smiling and could cares less about a thing called honest intent! That deceiving face comes to the candidates stating that he or she can be blessed as far as you can see. Some folk want to believe that world of fantasy, while others digest the lie. Praying folk turn to the Lord who has promised to lead and guide us.

Going back to our many yesterdays, I remember when the greatest among men and women in Chicago were those who were concerned about the people and sought not to rape or rob them, but tried honestly hard to enhance their abilities to better survive! Where has that gone?

Then again, where is the broad respect for the Black community by large, and not me and mine? The love we lost was a good thing!

Political offenders and ex-offenders have yet to offer an apology and/or repentance for their proven misbehavior! Some would seek an opportunity at a second and third chance to shame us, only after being found guilty, leaving office in disgrace and being sentence to jail or prison. The question is, where is that simple sincere apology coupled with repentance, or is it thought that God nor the public deserves one?

What example is being demonstrated for our troubled youth who would hold elected officials up as role-models and to many their idols? Youth emulate that which they see and we wonder what is wrong with them? And of course many gang-bangers are now aspiring to become politicians… they say the ‘business’ is good! Wonder what that means?

Isn’t it enough that non-Black politicians spit in the communities’ face and say that it’s raining – but for Black traitors to take the same liberties to do the same, it becomes most offensive and shows a lack of integrity.

We could in fact recall the golden-years of decency where those who desired to sit in political seats of authority were held accountable to the taxpayer and their feet were held to the fire!  In the African-American community, the public must demand that those in leadership are honest and with moral decency! The Scriptures also speak as to requirements for leadership for those who have been selected to have the rule over people.

A valid question: Are we living in an era where we now call the right wrong and the wrong right? And if so, the Scriptures says we are living in the last days when men and women wouldn’t consider their ways.

Rev. Harold E. Bailey is the President of Probation Challenge/PCC Broadcast Network

He has served 33-years as President of the Probation Challenge/PCC Broadcast Network

Former member and chairman of the Cook County Board of Corrections for 14 years

A Chicago/Cook County Adult Probation Officer for 14 years.

WWW.ProbationChallenge.org – The Truth Network

Rev. Harold E. Bailey, president of the Probation Challenge PCC Internet Broadcast Network